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No More Exclusions

Dec 4, 2020

Sylvia Wynter writes that the “natural sciences . . . are, in spite of all their dazzling triumphs with respect to knowledge of the natural world, half- starved. They are half- starved because they remain incapable of giving us any knowledge of our uniquely human domain.”  Only the elaboration of a new science, beyond the limits of the natural sciences . . . will offer us our last chance to avoid the large- scale dilemmas that we must now confront as a species. This would be a science involving the  “study of the Word” . . . 
The first piece you will hear is called 'overpoliced to underprotected' written and preformed by Kadeem, a real young leader and coordinator of the youth group in NME, 
My piece is called 'incomplete recipe', 
The third piece is 'between lockdown and me' written and preformed by Lana, founder of Bristol's NME branch, 
I wanna bigup 4front, Osime Brown and his family and the youtube channel Kamau Brathwaite Remix Engine. Links to these 3 groups along with music in the episode and our socials can be found here:
NME's Instagram:
Justice for Osime Brown: 
Kamau Brathwaite Remix Engine:  
Smino: She Already Decided Mixtape
Sango and Xavier Omar: Moments Spent Loving You